Cosmic Rays Nourish the Earth

We live in a radiatory universe, a vast ocean of vibrations. In such a universe, waves of all amplitudes and lengths cross and interact; forces of attraction/resonance and repulsion/dissonance dictate what comes into being or passes away. Material forms are either held together or dispersed according to whether contractile or dispersive forces hold sway. Ever since the Big Bang, energy as a motive force is the basis for all known life.

Reality, at its deepest level, can be understood as radiation from the Unknown. The Sun’s rays are our most familiar and homely exposure to this understanding, which presumably extends throughout the entire cosmos. All Life must ultimately feed off radiant energy, just as we see plants converting sunlight into carbohydrates. Balance between contractile and dispersive forces determines survival for living beings: Life itself has always been precarious, as the principle of Change is central to all existence, and Change is always orchestrated by the death of what once was.

X-ray damage to DNA

However, humans have generated what we might call  our own forms of radiation. These include both ionising and non-ionising forms. Non-ionizing radiation does not rip electrons off atoms, but still exerts potent damage. Non-ionizing radiation is emitted from cell-phones, computers, power lines and so on.  Ionizing radiation is what we see in X-rays and gamma rays. Whether ionizing or non-ionizing, the radiation produced by human technology, unlike the ocean of radiant cosmic energies, is de-stabilizing to living systems. Ionising rays and electromagnetic field pollution degrade living systems. Yet in today’s world, along with unsafe, nuclear energy reactors supported by most governments, we have nuclear arsenals capable of destroying the world many times over. We have the use of radiation both as a diagnostic imaging device and as a form of “therapy” against cancer; we have TSA scanners now at airports looking in at our bones as we attempt to board aircraft. All this, surely, comes at a price.  Medical radiation has done nothing to cure cancer rates which are still rising precipitously. Now, the use of mobile phones, wi-fi and other technological “must haves” is producing a sea of radiation around our bodies and minds.

Radiation is energy transfer, in the forms of waves or particles. But this energy transfer is highly unstable, out of balance with nature. Unbalanced energy transfer may cause mutation to DNA, leading to disease in living systems. Do we have in-built mechanisms that protect us against radiation? Some suggest that there is a phenomenon known as hormesis that allows us to adapt effectively to low level radiation exposure. However, the evidence to support this theory is rather thin compared to the quantity of evidence demonstrating damage and mutation to living systems. Radiation has not cured cancer, nor has nuclear fuel solved the world’s energy crisis. Side effects from medical radiation and from nuclear waste materials and “accidents” provide a strong warning. Radiation is dangerous. This site is here to instruct, and to offer protection from radiation toxicity.

Radiation Effects are Non-Linear

Radiation, whether from ionizing or non-ionizing sources adds a further toxic challenge to the human system already struggling with heavy metals, pesticides, GMO’s and other poisons. In that sense, radiation must not be viewed separately from other toxic challenges, as these will interweave their effects within the body. Safeguarding ourselves, or minimizing the effects of these various toxins means taking them all into account and not looking at the various parts in isolation. The remedies proposed on this site, whilst specific to radiation toxins, also support the body’s defenses against chemical and heavy metal toxins, and encourage rejuvenation and anti-aging of cellular tissues.